headshot flat rate:  $550

women's makeup & hair: $150

men’s makeup & hair: $100


Your shoot day will be a simple, relaxed and fun process.  

I shoot everything in my great studio space in Brooklyn. 

Prepping and styling are key to give each image a unique feel. We will thoroughly select from your wardrobe and create various versatile looks.

Hair and make-up is optional, but highly recommended for both, women and men. My make-up artist is fantastic and is on-site for most of the shoot. She does both make-up and hair. 

The shoot is approx. 3 hours and we will go through various looks and shoot a wide variety of images that are truly representative of you.

In addition, we will shoot some fun branding shots that can be used to round-out your website or to submit as additional material for modeling or commercial jobs.  

We are passionate about what we do and have fun doing it. Let's get your shot!

If you need to reschedule your shoot, please do so at least one week before the shoot date!

If you'd like to book a headshot session with me or have any questions, drop me a line and contact me through here.